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Sustainability is the most important keyword in the business of Sasabo, a trading company specializing in marine products.

We supply marine products caught in the world's oceans to countries around the world, including Japan. At the same time, we consider it an important issue to preserve these marine resources in a sustainable manner for future generations. To this end, we are committed to addressing various social issues such as human rights, the environment and ethics, head-on throughout the supply chain from the fishing and production of marine products to processing, distribution and sales.

Marine products are rich in high-quality animal protein and a variety of other nutrients. We believe it is also our mission to create an environment where people can actively consume high-quality protein in preparation for the food crisis caused by the global population increase.

Toshiaki Sasahara

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Sasabo is a trading company specializing in marine products established in Edogawa-ku, Tokyo in January 2020.

The representative, Mr. Sasahara, has over 25 years of experience in import/export trading of marine products, purchasing at overseas production and processing plants, and quality control operations, including his time as a company employee. He has extensive knowledge of Pelagic fish such as Capelin, Mackerel and Horse mackerel, as well as bottom fish such as Redfish and Greenland Halibut, which are the cornerstone of our current business.

On the other hand, as someone who has been in the fisheries industry for many years, we are keenly aware that if we continue with the same approach as before, we will face a difficult situation in the future. Business patterns are changing drastically.

What should we do in the future, and what social responsibility should Sasabo fulfill?

To address these issues, we are developing AI (Artificial Intelligence) in-house and by using AI and Deep Learning technology, we aim to launch a new business model that will promote DX by 2025.

about us


社名:株式会社笹貿 Company Name: Sasabo Co., Ltd.
住所:〒134-0083東京都江戸川区中葛西5丁目32-7 共立ビル502 Head Office: 502 Nakakasai 5-32-7, Edogawa-ku, Tokyo, 1340083 Japan
設立:2020年1月 Established: January 2020
代表取締役:笹原敏明 CEO: Toshiaki Sasahara
資本金:1,000万円 Capital: 10,000,000 Japanese yen
電話番号: 03-6808-3311 Phone No.: +81 3 6808 3311
MSC COC 認証番号:MSC-C-58395 MSC COC Cert. No: MSC-C-58395

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